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About Me



My name is Veena and I am married to a pilot. Fortunately, that means a lot of travel to different countries. It’s never a dull moment when I visit the local markets or soak up in history when visiting monuments. Travel broadens the mind, they say. I have learned about food, culture, history, recipes, and much more as I visit far away lands. Interacting with the people or hearing personal stories or sampling local breads is just as good a hobby for me!

My childhood was often spent accompanying my mother to the local markets every weekend. Whether to buy seasonal mangoes or fresh lemons to make pickles, or to differentiate between a variety of bananas and their culinary uses, it was there that I learned about colour, shapes and recipes.   

Before blogging, it was the family drawing room where I shared my travel tales. As I embark on learning to blog…here I am taking you on a tour around the world! Come, travel with me. Do leave your comments and stories, I much value your interactions.

I also dabble in quilting, story telling, yoga and Nature walks.

Travel. Learn.Share. Grow.