An Introduction to my quilting


My formal introduction to quilting began in Mauritius, many years ago,under the guidance of an American lady.

However, my first sewing teacher is my dear Mother.

As a young girl I would pedal the sewing machine or thread needles, as she stitched our dresses. Then I began making handkerchiefs and hemmed her saree borders. My mother’s favourite past-time is to make traditional ‘Godhadi’ or SareeQuilts.  The softness of her worn out cotton sarees and bright colours remain unmatched. One feels the love and warmth of those hands, who spent loving hours labouring over the stitches. The Godhadi or Bonta , as it is called in India, is not only a rag saver, but a way of bringing the women folk together, especially in the  rural Indian community. Simple piecing, simple conversations, simple craft !

Quilting in rural India has been very popular and resourceful. I am going to do more research on this later.

To date, I have quilted /hand stitched more than 10 -15 big and small quilts. Most of them (lovingly) have been gifted away either to my daughter, niece, sister or friends.  I recently quilted one for my first grand-daughter, as a new-born baby (see below). Done in much haste, I chanted hymns and songs while quilting, hoping to bind good vibes into the baby quilt. A gift of love, welcoming home and craft work for my little ‘Tanvi’.

I hope you will enjoy seeing my quilts.  May their colours fill your life too with beautiful moments. Warm snuggle 🙂


About Veena S.

'Travel broadens the mind.' It's been a wonderful journey through the past few years, living and travelling to many countries. Certainly there were few eye openers, at other times just a comparison on cultures and food and cuisines. My blog is my learning journey to capture and re live these moments, share photographs and use technology. Come ...see the world with me.

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