Quilt in Autumn Colours


Maple Leaf Quilt

Few years ago I wanted to quilt something unique. That’s when I came across the Maple leaf design. This large double bed size quilt is completely hand-stitched.  I know piecing the blocks, using a machine would have made it much easier and neater. However, the warm colours and the thought of a new design, kept me going.

The Maple leaf is the official symbol on the national flag of Canada. Eastern Canada is home to the sugar Maple tree. In autumn, the tree sheds its large 4- 5 point leaves, that create the most colourful, textured carpet on Mother Earth. Warm browns, rust, deep yellow, orange, fiery reds are the colours in autumn. However, for me in Singapore, its purely magical understand how seasons bring on changes in the colours of Nature.

Maple leaf king -size quilt

Maple leaf king size quilt

The block detail

The block detail

As you can see, the soft coloured leaf are at the centre, slowly bursting out in deeper colours in circular way. I wanted to create the effect of twirling leaves, undergoing gradual colour change.

Here are the details :

Total Yellow patterned blocks = 27

Light colour leaf blocks (Centre) = 4

Red colour leaf blocks ( inner ring) = 10

Deep maroon leaf blocks (outer ring) = 14

Border width = 2 inches by 10 cm. Pieces of all colours ( and more if you wish)

Finished square block = 12 inches.   9  patch square for the leaf design. Each finished small square = 4 1/2 inches.

Other maple leaf quilt patterns and block sizes are found here :



Maple leaf -Block pattern

Maple leaf -Block pattern

Uni directional maple leaf quilt

Uni directional maple leaf quilt

I leave you with few pictures shared by my friends, during their stay in USA and Canada.

My friend Medha, from India, is visiting her daughter in USA.  She loves to draw and paint. What better time and place could she possibly be in but USA ? She is having a wonderful time watching the colours of the season and collecting colourful Autumn leaves. Look how creatively she has displayed her fall collection ! Medha,I am sure you are going to paint a stunning picture on your return. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us.

Medha's collection of Maple leaves.

Medha’s collection of Maple leaves.

Medha's collection of Maple leaves -2

Medha’s collection of Maple leaves -2













Janet and her baby have been busy watching the Autumn leaves change colour. Here are some photos she shares.

Fiery Orange Autumn leaves

Fiery Orange Autumn leaves



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  1. Veena Tai…what a surprise! Thank you very much for sharing my photos…..and what a lovely quilt…..I can only imagine your hard work and efforts in creating such a beautiful piece of art.!!

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