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A Recipe from Mumbai, Maharashtra. I am from Mumbai (Bombay) and Maharashtrian food is : Pulses, Usaal or sprouts, Koshimbeer or salad, and Roti/ Bhakri made from cereals like Jowar, Bajra and wheat. Geography of the region and local culture play its part on the the cuisine. So too in Maharashtra. Rice is grown in coastal Maharshtra and is widely eaten, whereas, Bhakri is staple food on the central Deccan plateau where millets and cereal is grown. Maharastrian desserts are: Shrikand, Puran Poli, Modak, and Jalebi.  For rustic, street food served up on beaches, railway platforms or roadside stalls on highways – it’s the ever popular Bhel puri , Vada Pao, and JhunkaBhakri. Every kitchen has the traditional ‘spice box’ or Masala Dabba. Sometimes, it’s a hand-me-down from mother’s and mother-in-laws or it is given as wedding gift, along other kitchen items to set up the bride’s new home. The Masala Dabba  stores fresh ‘Tadka’ or tempering ingredients: mustard, cumin, dry red chillies, turmeric, fenugreek or methi, assorted lentils, sesame seeds or peanuts. This is mine.

Traditional Spice box or Masala Dabba

Traditional Spice box or Masala Dabba

I requested my Maharashtrian friends to share their recipes, as they too follow my blog. Hope my other readers will be inspired to share or post comments from around the world! Guest Post -1  Suchitra is my childhood friend from Mumbai. Growing up together we played girl’s cricket, hide-n-seek, Antakshari – a song game, and enjoyed endless cups of chai and chocolate milk shakes during sleep-overs. Past 20 years, Suchitra has lived in the USA and is exceptionally high-spirited and a passionate cook. She caters, cooks for friends and family and even conducts classes ! Thanks Suchitra.  You can find her on Culture Club : Masale Bhaat or Spiced Rice  (Maharashtrian Style)

2 1/2 cups rice ( Preferably Basmati)
5 cups water (Hot)
3-4 tsp oil
1/2 tsp. Mustard seeds
1/4 tsp. Hing ( Asafoetida)
1 tsp. Haldi (turmeric )
1-2 green Chillies
1sprig of Curry leaves (Kadhi Patta Leaves)
1-1/2 tsp. Bhaji Aamti Masala
1/2 tsp. Jaggery (Gud)
1cup Tendli / Tindora sliced long (see picture below)
Salt to taste
fresh (Frozen) grated coconut, ghee(optional), cilantro, lime.
Sliced Tendli /Tindora vegetable

Sliced Tendli /Tindora vegetable

Step 1
Soak rice in water for 1-2 hours
step 2
Strain the rice and remove all the water before making the Masale Bhaat.
step 3
In a pan add oil. Let it heat up.
Add mustard seeds. when they pop, lower the heat and add hing, haldi.
Add chillies and curry leaves. (Keep a lid handy, cover the pan before adding chillies and curry leaves)
Add the sliced Tindora ( Gherkins)
step 4
Add the rice to the Tadka (Tempering)
Mix it well, saute for 3-4 min. Add the Masala. Stir well.
Step 5
Add 5 cups hot cups. Add salt, stir well.
Let it come to a boil. Add Jaggery (brown sugar). Lower the heat, put a lid on the pan.
Check after 7-10 minutes.
                     Masale Bhaat will be ready to serve. Garnish it with freshly (thawed) coconut, cilantro, lime and ghee.
Cucumber Koshimbeer or Cucumber Salad
3-4 Cucumbers (English or Pickling). If using pickling cucumbers then take 5-6
3/4 cup roasted, crushed peanuts
1-2 Green Chillies
salt, Sugar to taste
lime juice (about 1 lime)
1/4 cup Cilantro
Vegetables for Koshimbeer recipe
Ingredients for Tadka or Chonka (Seasoning)
Ghee about 1-1 1/2 tsp.
 1/2 tsp. cumin seeds
Step 1
Peel the cucumber, chop them small. Crush the peanuts and chillies.

Step 2

In a medium size bowl add the chopped cucumbers, crushed peanuts, lime juice.
Add Cilantro. Toss together
Step 3
In a smallest pan, heat the ghee, when it comes to the smoking point, turn off the flame and add Cumin seeds.
The seeds should make a popping sound and splutter in the ghee. Pour it over the Cucumber mixture.
Step 4
When you are ready to serve add the salt and sugar. Toss it together and serve.
*If you add salt and sugar too early the cucumber has the tendency to get watery and soggy. We want the salad  crisp.
chopping cucumbers finely

chopping cucumbers finely

My version : I love fresh green Mung sprouts, they add protein into my diet. So I tend to toss it up with the traditional Koshimbeer recipe and give it a twist.  Fresh grated coconut sweetens the taste. Crunch, crunch , crunch —  sprouts, cucumber, peanuts !

Cucumber Koshimbeer

Cucumber Koshimbeer

Guest Post – 2  Manisha is my other Maharashtrian friend, who lives in Hyderabad. A teacher by profession she manages her home artistically and spiritually. She is learning to use the technology and enjoys reading my posts. Thanks Manisha for sharing an  Indian recipe here. Aloo Kofta curry (Kofte is a Persian /Arabic word for meat or vegetable balls, soaked in a curry) Ingredients:

Aloo / Potato – mashed 100 gm
Dudhi /Bottle Gourd grated 250 gm
Paneer 120 gm
Green chilli 10 gm,
Green coriander 10 gm
Salt 5 gm
Cornflour 20 gm
Aloo wafer gravy 250 gm,
Cashew nuts 20 gm,
Khoya / Condensed thickened milk -30 gm,
Spinach leaves 50 gm.
Gravy with Potato Wafers 
Crush the potato wafers in the mixer to make a semi -solid crush.

Lightly roast some wheat flour / Atta to golden brown and  mix with turmeric, cardamom powder, and roasted cumin powder, a little sugar and a cup of milk. Remove all this from mixer and adjust the water for consistency and juice of  half lemon .Vegetable gravy is ready for use.
1. Peel and grate gourd and boil in just enough water to make it tender.
2. Grate paneer, mix it with Aloo/ Potato  mashed & grated gourd.
3. Add salt ,pepper powder , & corn flour . Knead it like dough and form into small Kofte balls of 30 gm.approx.
4. Stuff the balls with khoya , cashew nut & raisins.
5. Deep fry the koftas in cooking oil till golden-brown colour.
6. In separate pan heat some butter /oil and add minced spinach. Saute for 2/3 min
7. Add prepared Wafer gravy and cook till first boil.
8. Add koftas gently into the gravy. Also add a little water to adjust the consistency. Cook  for 2 min.
9.Garnish with green coriander and serve hot with rice.
If you wish to share your recipes or travel anecdotes and photos do let me know. 

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