World Palate Recipes – Lebanese Flatbread


World Palate Recipes – Lebanese Flatbread.


About Veena S.

'Travel broadens the mind.' I've been lucky to have travelled to many countries and also lived in a few. At times, it was a great eye opener, at times it was making new friends across the oceans. Embracing cultures, learning new cuisines and admiring different costumes has been a rewarding journey this long. At home I enjoy cooking, quilting and story telling.

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  1. वीणा ,
    तू इकडे कधी येणार आहेस ?

    माझ्या साठी थोडा जास्त वेळ ठेव —-ओवन आहे पण प्र्याक्तीस नसल्याने ब्रेड
    करावासा वाटला तरी हिम्मत होत नाही यासाठी तुझ्या मार्गदर्शन मुळे मी ते
    शिकून घेईन !

    2014-02-03 22:41 GMT+05:30 Walk to Market :

    > Veena S. posted: “World Palate Recipes – Lebanese Flatbread.”

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