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A friend in need, is a friend indeed’ – Light up a smile for your friend.

It’s easy to make /be friends, when your heart and mind are open. A beautiful ‘inner’ you shines. When I see a new person, and feel the first positive vibes interconnecting, I know its time to smile and accept a new friend. My life is a continuous journey taking me to new places, different countries and connecting me to unknown people. But, somehow I land up making friends, and it comes easy to me.

A right friendship cordial will need:

Pleasing, friendly personality

Empathy to other cultures and people

An open mind and clear thinking

Commitment and truthfulness

A time to say yes and time for no – an understanding nature


Strange – how circumstances help making friends. Let me narrate 2 incidents that have fostered a long friendship.

Fifteen years ago, on a visit to Disneyland France, we were standing in a long queue for tickets. Our young daughters happily running around, speaking an Indian language, and we not knowing a single French word. ‘Bonjour’ greeted the man 5 steps behind us and opens up conversation on a hot, sunny, August afternoon. During the 5 hours in Disneyland, he shared his time with us, only because HE could speak few words of English to communicate with us. And we soon became friends! He even dropped us off at the airport, barely 2 days into our new connections! My daughters, now much older, visited Paris and France to meet his nieces and enjoy holidays. Recently, this friend invited us to his simple holiday apartment in Burgundy, cooking French meals for us and taking us around the village grocer’s. Where is India, and where is France ? as they would say…..worlds and cultures apart.

But hearts are bound in friendship, in understanding, in exchanging.

A young German teacher came to Singapore and fell extremely sick. When she went on medical leave, I replaced her at school for 3 months. In that time, we have opened our home doors and heart doors to each other…just friends who can console and depend on each other ! I cooked her meals when she was in bed, and she let me play and cuddle her ‘new’ bundle of joy – an adopted child. She knew I was missing my grand-daughter.

Friendship touches the heart, it’s a two-way commitment. You should also respect your personal space and let ample breathing time in between meets.

‘ A friend in need, is a friend indeed’ is so true. ‘Actions of friends, speak louder than gifts’


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