World Palate Recipes: New Zealand Carrot Cake(2)


World Palate Recipes – New Zealand (2)

Carrot Cake – An additional recipe from New Zealand.

Recently on my visit there, a dear friend Jennifer quickly busied herself in the kitchen. I followed her to inspect her quick movements  – beating eggs, followed by grating carrots with hand-held grater then sifting the flour and spices. Finally, before serving us dinner, she popped the mix into the oven. Voila! warm aroma of a delicious carrot cake for dessert.

Is this a traditional English or American cake ? When and why did it become popular? What are the basic ingredients ? Or is it a Venetian invention of a popular Jewish recipe, as claimed ? A Polish friend of mine remembers her grandma often made a steamed carrot pudding /cake. So it’s a timeless classic.

In the mid 1990’s with sugar rationing it became expensive. Soon local grown carrots became is good, healthy substitute. Also imported dried fruits were pricier. Carrots probably found their way into puddings, juices and exotic meals. Cake basics are : flour, grated carrot, spice and dried fruit, moistener like yoghurt or oil and healthy eggs. Carrot cake is perfect for a coffee morning or if topped with zesty orange icing – makes for a wonderful birthday cake, suggested my friend.

The Edmonds Cookery Book has been part of every New Zealand home for the past four generations. The first edition published in 1908 by Thomas Edmonds after Edmonds Baking Powder became hugely popular. A 50 page booklet of economical, everyday recipes, this book is often given as wedding present to the new bride. My friend is a big fan of these simple recipes too..

Thanks for sharing your recipe book with us.

recipe carrot cake

And thanks for treating me to a delicious, moist carrot cake served alongside home-grown grapes.

Enjoy and feel free to post your comments and share your recipes.


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