Someone asked me – If you are writing about your travels – Why did you choose something mundane as local fresh market? Why not – popular tourist sites, food of the country or clothes people wear?

Well, isn’t the local market telling you about all this and more? The history, culture and food all put together ? I asked.

Every market is so unique and bubbling with activity, it’s only when you look beneath that layer can you spot the cultural identity. The market too is a great tourist spot on one’s itinerary. The colours of fresh produce are brighter than on canvas, the sounds of vendors so concentrated upon the selling activity, the fresh produce is so diverse across the oceans, the seasons spell tell-tale signs upon the clothes people wear and the fruit they buy at the market.

So why not write about markets? What do my readers think?

And, look what I stumbled upon….some other bloggers /travel writers are writing about culture at markets too:)

I hope to carve a niche for myself in this BIG, BIG blogging world out there.

Happy reading!




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  1. Yes I completely agree, making a niche is the key 🙂 And Its always great to see a local market, I do that as well at times when I visit a new place as well as from my own city…plus it makes for some awesome pictures as well 🙂

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