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Living in the UAE has its charm. I love the Date Palms and their hardy trunks. Chopping away older palm fronds of the tree, leaves behind a stubby base, which makes a distinct pattern on the tree trunk. Trace your finger to find a zigzag pattern line, or relax under its shade and see the deft plantation worker zigzag his way to reach the top fronds.

Date Palm trunk

Date Palm trunk

Simple things at home can ‘add’ to simple pleasures in life. My daughter recently bought a pair of new canvas shoes. A proud owner! Most children, when young, struggle to zigzag their shoe laces correctly. It’s a fun learning moment, isn’t it?

Zig zag shoe lace

Zig zag shoe lace

Last, but not the least. Everyone knows about the traffic in Mumbai, India – on the road as well as the airport. On a recent visit, I was faced with a challenge to zig zag my way to the counter, pushing my own trolley between the trolleys and barricade lines near counter. Patience! I told myself. That’s when I looked up at the beautiful design on the ceiling – lights making a zig zag pattern 🙂

Mumbai airport - new terminal

Mumbai airport – new terminal

Surely, there’s more to learning and observing when one takes the other than straight route – go ZIG ZAG!

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Finding Your Way Through a Zig Zag

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  1. I agree…sometimes Zig Zag gives more pleasure than straight…enjoyed the article….keep writing..

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