Textures – Taking a Different Perspective at the Fresh Market

Whoever thought a market is just all about buying onions and potatoes? Or sorting out a bunch of crispy lettuce from under the mound of greens? There is more than just the mundane at a fresh market!

There is colour. There is pattern. And,… there is Texture That’s what came to my mind, as I read this week’s The Daily Post Photo Challenge on Texture. I took a different perspective while buying my weekly groceries, ie. exploring texture.

As Natalie (from the Daily Post) says ‘This is a great opportunity to look at the world in a slightly different way — along with looking at things from new angles, zooming very far out or very far in are both great ways to create texture and pattern in photos.’

Here is my entry.

Texture: Coarse vs. Smooth

The ubiquitous tropical fruit, Coconut has a grainy, coarse tough outer shell. It protects the soft, milky white flesh inside.

Just like in the coconut, the hard coarse covering hides the soft inner flesh, so too sometimes people can be very kind and loving deep inside, but may appear hard and rough on exterior. So ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’

Coconut shell




Broken coconut - outer shell and inner flesh

Broken coconut – outer shell and inner flesh










Do you like the texture of a coconut ? What analogies come to your mind? 

Now, let the onion skins speak  a little too.

Texture: Crispy, flaky – Natural vs. Man-made

Yesterday I bought a bag of Onions, little did I know I would use them for a photo challenge.

I liked the crispy plastic netting of the bag. Never to crumple -plastic. But when flaky onion skins scattered all over the kitchen floor, to make a colourful mess 🙂 I remained calm. Just brought out my camera.

Taking a different perspective on Texture. Thanks to the Daily Post Photo Challenge.

Onions scattered on the floor

Onions scattered on the floor


onions skins

Flaky Onion skins

And here is a close up. Don’t you feel like crumbling them with your fingers?









What do my viewers think about my perspective ?

Can you suggest some other fruits and vegetables that have similar textures? 









Textures – Taking a Different Perspective at a Fresh Market

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  1. Veena you can make pictures with these onion skins !

    Just paste them as the pattern ; it will look like an applyc work !

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