Awards – Liebster Award

Awards – Liebster Award

Nomination for Liebster Award.

My blog began as personal writing space. Ideas, photos and experiences had to find the right space and creative pursuits. Besides, I  also wanted to learn the use of technology. Thanks to family and friends, they were my first readers and critics. I survived! Since then, entering the blogosphere has been a rewarding experience, with viewers slowly increasing.

Today, I woke up to a wonderful surprise I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award. It’s so motivating, but it also means ‘Do your best’! Thank you SmritiModi for nominating me.

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing.

Liebster award photo

Here are the answers to the 11 questions Smriti put up for me (and other nominees)

1. Tea or Coffee?

Surely it’s a cup of filter coffee, as they say in South India. Freshly roasted and ground Chicory seeds when added to coffee beans gives it a bit of density. My dear friend in Chennai – I hope you will read this…and invite me over for coffee!:) Let’s sit back on the verandah and hear the birds chirping while we sip coffee.

2. Beaches or Mountains?

I’m a water person. Mostly lived nearer to the sea and sand. I love morning walks, barefoot on the soft sand, a bit of sunshine on my face and the cool water touching my toes. Harmony in Nature.

One with Nature - soft sands caressing my feet

One with Nature – soft sands caressing my feet








3. Backpacker hostels or Luxury hotels? (assuming you have the money)

I would love to try Backpacker..I understand it’s a great way of meeting people, finding new company to travel or eat with, and get some real-life travel tips. YHA hostels? 

4. What is your favourite food?

Ahh..this is a tricky one. I have a sweet tooth and I love chocolates and ice creams. So it’s a creamy, New Zealand Boysenberry Ice cream with chunks of ripe fruit. 

Boysnberry Ice Cream

Boysenberry Ice Cream








5. Which city would you love to live in?

Having lived in many parts of the world, If given a choice I’d like to live in the quiet town of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The cool temperatures and gentle people are positive incentives. Who knows I would either be riding a humble Tuk- tuk or sit majestically riding an elephant – Thailand’s national animal. 

Majestic Elephant in Chiang Mai

Majestic Elephant in Chiang Mai

6. Who inspires you?

I have always been inspired by my father or Baba as we children fondly call him. In many ways he has guided my path, in good times and tough ones. A soft-spoken person, very caring and attentive to his family needs, always a helping hand to his brothers and sisters. Growing up in a meagre and at times harsh childhood, has left a mark on his outlook to life. ‘Charity and help’ are two words that come naturally to him. His sharp brain is put to good use. Today, at age 85+ he still keeps learning – uses the computer and Skype. Of late, his latest toy is his new iPhone! Keep it Baba – I wish I keep half of your spirit and energy at 80 years! 

And Aai – we love your caring spirit – you taught us to look after people, however good or bad their behaviours are. 

Namaste -Aai and Baba

Namaste -Aai and Baba







7. If a day had 25 hours, what would you do in the additional hour?

Sleep and me just don’t go together. And blogging is eating up into my sleep. So that’s another disciplinary no! One extra hour would be spent in Nature….watching birds in the gardens, smelling roses, or just hugging a fat tree trunk. Yes, its’ therapeutic too.

Bird watching near lakeside

Bird watching near lakeside








8. What would the name of the movie based on your life be?

One Year, One City’ 

You don’t believe it? Well, I can upload photos of my travel diary, address book and names of friends I’ve made all over the world. I’ve stood the test of time and patience. Above all, it was a great experience to understand so many different cultures, food and languages. My blog tells you all about it. 

9. What is the one thing (single most important) you itch to do in life?

Tear paper endlessly! Really – it’s almost becoming rare with the new technology. Whatever happened to childhood days and summer holidays when we could crush and tear old newspaper ?  Newspaper tearing was fun paint it, tear to make confetti. Or play a game – Who makes the lengthier paper strip? 

Fun - tearing toilet roll

Fun – tearing toilet roll








10. What is holding you back?

Energy management – a delete button to clear away negative, wasteful thoughts. This will create more useful time and energy 🙂

Delete Button

Delete Button






11. What is the one piece of advice you would want to give all your readers?

I like the Nike advertisement – Just do it!  There is no tomorrow, no age bar, no shyness. If you ever wish to try something – Go for it! 

Just do it!

Just do it!







That’s it, I’ve answered the 11 questions.Hope my friends can connect to some ideas and have a laugh.

Here are my nominees (New bloggers with less than 200 followers…and growing!)











Ah…this treasure hunt for blog nominations is exhausting, and time is tight. But I’ve tried. That’s it for now.

Here are the questions they have to answer:

  1. In three words tell us about your interests and activities.
  2. Why is blogging important to you?
  3. What is your favourite music ?
  4. If you could turn back the clock, which is the time period you would favour? Why?
  5. What motivates you?
  6. One favourite food you would like to tuck into, if you must eat in bed.
  7. A friend in need is a friend indeed – share an experience
  8. Which is the latest gadget / App /techno product you are using? How does it help you?
  9. What advice would do you have for new bloggers ?
  10. Stand with your eyes closed in any one place of choice. Now open your eyes – tell us about the first thing you observed? Does it tell us a bit of your personality?
  11. Finally, you pop one question for yourself. A free bird! Let’s see what comes to your mind.

This was  an interesting task. To be awarded is one thing, but finding other nominees, and asking questions is another. It’s Sunday …I’m going to laze in bed…or rather do some gardening!

Enjoy your day!


About Veena S.

'Travel broadens the mind.' It's been a wonderful journey through the past few years, living and travelling to many countries. Certainly there were few eye openers, at other times just a comparison on cultures and food and cuisines. My blog is my learning journey to capture and re live these moments, share photographs and use technology. Come ...see the world with me.

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    • Thanks for browsing the site and cheering me on:) The award as such, has nothing to be elated about – but the point is, my blog is being noticed in blogosphere. Now I need to keep improving.

  1. wow, hats off to you tai. putting into effect all the experiences you have gathered over the period of years with your command over the language! well done!

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