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Earth – Thy Colour is Green


This post is in reply to The Daily Post challenge Local Colour

Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?

Mother Earth abounds in hues of green – imagine soft green paddy fields on the slopes of Ubud in Indonesia, green grass shoots and shrubs in the desert sands, tall green coconut fronds almost aiming to touch the sky and play with passing clouds, contrast of green surfaces on spiky bitter gourd and smooth skin of bottle gourd vegetables, frilly green lettuce or robust green rhubarb on market shelves. Na, na…don’t you mention that green toad sitting on the lily leaf !

If there is one colour – my option is green! Mother Earth I owe it to you.

Green is the prime colour of the world – and from that all loveliness arises’ 

Here is my entry. Which hue of green is your favourite?  What other green objects please you? 

Apple orchards, Valtellina, Italy

Apple orchards, Valtellina, Italy


Shades of green in contrasting surfaces

Shades of green in contrasting surfaces


Date Palm fronds bear green cluster of fruit

Date Palm fronds bear green cluster of fruit

So go make your lifestyle ‘green’. Be part of the environment and give back to Mother Nature.

Exercise in the greens

Exercise in the greens

World Palate Recipes- Sweet Besan Ladoos for Deepavali



World Palate Recipes – Besan Ladoos for Deepavali





It’s that time of the year, once again. The noise of fire crackers fills the air, festive lights or Kandil make a welcome at door entrance, colourful Rangoli designs  are made with rice powder to decorate home entrances and wonderful aromas of sweet preparations waft from the Indian kitchens. It’s the Festival of Lights or ‘Deepavali’ a Hindu festival, full of colour and grandeur. (Dee.p means lamp and Aavali means row).

A time to rejoice light over darkness and Truth over ignorance and good over evil! Happy Deepavali to all.


Traditional Diwali sweets are: Besan Ladoo, Rava Ladoo, Khoya Gujjiya, Chakli, Chirote and a variety of dry fruit sweets. Crispy savouries or Namkeens also grace the festive tables.  Families and friends exchange gifts and sweets. This brings back my childhood memories – my paternal aunt would arrive few days ahead of the festival to help my mother in preparation. The two women would busy themselves in the kitchen for long hours – sharing conversation and recipes and mixing and kneading dough for sweet Ladoo and  savoury Chakli and Chivda. ‘Wait till Diwali day’ my mother used to warn us children, lest we steal some sweets in a haste to relish them fresh!

As i celebrate Deepavali with my family today, this page becomes a tribute to my Aunt and old mother. Here is the recipe of Besan/Gram Flour Ladoo. 


3 cups Besan /Gram flour

1 cup fie Semolina

3 cups powdered sugar

150 gms Cow ghee

100 gms. cashews

50 gms. raisins

1 tsp. cardamom powder

1 tsp. nutmeg powder




Place all the ingredients in a large plate, ready for use. Slice the cashews in half for decoration. Take a heavy bottom pan /large wok, pour 3/4 the ghee in to it to melt on low flame. Add gram flour to it and roast till light brown, stirring continuously and evenly. Add little more ghee, as required. Set aside to cool on plate. Roast the semolina till light brown, add to gram flour mixture.

Add powdered sugar, flavouring powders and raisins to this semi-cooled mixture. Mix /knead lightly.

Take a small part of the mixture into the palm of hand, roll /toss lightly and evenly to form  a ball/ ladoo.Decorate with halved cashew piece. Place on festive plate or in container. Distribute to friends and family after cooling.

Besan Ladoo for Deepavali

Besan Ladoo for Deepavali


Family Time and Care


Dear friends and wonderful readers,

It’s been a hectic roller coaster ride for me caring for an ageing family member. It’s difficult to update and post at this time so please bear with me.

In the meanwhile I am learning authentic Telugu / Indian recipes from my relatives… So hope to share with you later.

Happy reading till then.

Do leave comments if you’ve visited any local markets and liked something in particular.