Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015

                   To all my readers, fellow bloggers, FB friends

                                              and family.

 A very Happy New Year 2015. May it be filled with health, joy and love. May hope, faith and wisdom be your pillars of strength to plan your daily actions and thoughts.

Here is a toast to our health! A big ‘Thank you’ to my followers and readers. I await your voices and comments to make 2015 a better blogging year for me.

Health Juice: Green Mint juice and Red Pomegranate juice

Green Mint juice and Red Pomegranate juice

Red, green and gold are the festive colours of the season.These colours are reflected everywhere -in our homes and in malls, packaging of gifts and toys, food or table decor. And Nature adds its compliments too. Red Poinsettia, colourful Gerbera and gold Marigolds create for stunning garden borders. Find out what these colours say:

Red is a warm, positive colour. It exudes movement, energy, and strong emotions. It’s the colour of blood and love. It awakens the sleepy and fills the mind with powerful ideas.

Green is the colour of Earth – balance and harmony in Nature. It embodies fresh growth and renewed friendships and bonds with friends and family. 

Gold is a royal colour! Celebrate life every moment! Gold stands for wealth, elegance, maturity and finesse. It’s also known for spiritual uplifting and enlightenment. Remember gold waistbands worn by Buddhist monks?

                              Gold is the colour of the winner!

             Award a gold medal and celebrate your life everyday!                                  

Begin the New Year with rejuvenating colourful juices.                    

Red Apple Pomegranate Juice

The ruby-red arils (seeds) of Pomegranate are powerful antioxidants and known as a cure-all (diabetes, cholesterol, bowel cleanser, skin treatments and more…) Not only are they full with vitamins but, interesting Greek and Indian stories are woven around them too! Grown in the Middle East and the adjacent regions, pomegranates are used in cosmetic and medicinal uses. Enrich your body with the juice!

Festive juice :Pomegranate

Festivity and Pomegranate juice

Take 1 small cup of red arils (seeds) + 1/2 peeled and sliced red apple. Blend the apple first in a blender/juicer, add pomegranate and blend well again. Pour into glass. Decorate with few ruby-red arils. Serve immediately. (Add ice cubes in summer if you wish).

Green Mint and Green Apple Combo

Mint and green apple juice combo

Mint and green apple juice combo

Green – is the colour of Nature, new leaves and buds, that spring to life. Fresh green sprigs of mint, placed in the kitchen give a refreshing aroma. The rough, curly leaves need to plucked and washed well, then dried upon a towel. You can store them in an air tight box, if not using on same day. For longer storage: Place some on a plate and microwave them for few minutes, till dry and powdery. Crush them finely, let cool . Store. Dry mint can be used liberally on curries, roti and yoghurt drinks. 

Take 1/2 peeled green apple and put in blender. Add a few (8-10) washed mint leaves and 1/2 cup water. Blend again. If you want a punch of zest – add a 1/4 cm. of ginger (or ginger juice). Mix all together.

Take a glass, wet the rim. Dip in rock salt /table salt. Pour the blended juice into glass and stir. (Add ice cubes in summer, if you wish). Serve immediately.

For a touch of Gold – wake up to see the sunrise. Soak up its warmth.

Health juices: Mint and apple combo and pomegranate and apple juice

Health juices: Mint and apple combo and pomegranate and apple juice

Have a healthy, happy year ahead.

How did you begin your New Year ? Do you have any health tips to share? 

Do leave your comments, it makes the blog an interactive place. It gives me joy and inspiration to hear your voices.

A finale: Thanks dear sis, Shubhada, for this timely and apt sketch made for me.

Fruits of love: Drink to health.

Fruits of love: Drink to health.





























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