Significance of Orange Colour


Here is my entry for this week’s The Daily Post -Orange, Aren’t you glad it is photo time


Orange, is a warm colour. Have you ever been fortunate to watch a beautiful sunrise? Probably while sitting on the banks of a river or doing yoga on the beach, or taking a long walk in the farms would be an idyllic places to witness the sky lit up. Mesmerizing colour change from a dark night to the first rays of pink , crimson and then as the ball rises and glows into deep orange and yellow, its magic! Orange twilight.

A heavenly gift! Imagine yourself getting this Divine grace each morning.1129 Orange is also the colour of Fire. The base of the fire is a red, bright orange and streaks of yellow radiate forth from it. Here is a photo of the Homam or sacred fire during a prayer. DSC03361 The Sun and Fire have been worshipped by many ancient civilizations and religions. Orange is the main colour in both. Fire destroys or burns everything into ash, symbolically denoted by ignorance or darkness. In Hinduism  and Buddhism, Saffron or bhagwa, as orange is known, therefore is the revered colour, denoting renunciation, removal of ignorance and tyaga – shedding of worldly, materialistic pleasures to attain  Higher knowledge. Thus it is a preferred colour by Hindu priests and Buddhist monks.

Temple priest wearing orange robes

Temple priest wearing orange robes

Floor decoration or Rangoli done at doorsteps and temple altar generally use auspicious colours: Red, orange and green.

Colourful Rangoli floor design

Colourful Rangoli floor design

Bright orange marigold or zhendu, as known locally in India, are often the most sought after flowers for decorating temple altars, door entrances and wedding mandap or seating. Once again, orange is the auspicious colour of preference.

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  1. You seem to have done some homework to bring out such a beautiful article. Enjoyed reading with beautiful pictures.

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