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Vivid Lighting


Another Friday, means another photo challenge from the WordPress team. Here is my entry for the Vivid Lighting

The dictionary meanings for vivid are: brilliant, graphic, colourful, detailed, picturesque, fascinating….and more.

Here are two photographs (courtesy:my daughter) that show the brilliant use of technology in lighting of buildings and monuments. It’s like a painter’s dream. A precise mixture of math, Art, technology and science behind the scenes of gorgeous displays are key to projecting the light ups.

The photo was taken in 2015 at the ‘Vivid Sydney’ annual show. The event showcases creativity in music, Art, lighting, technology, and a great event bringing people and minds together. For the event see here:

Brilliant lighting showcasing Sydney harbour

Brilliant lighting showcasing Sydney harbour

This photo captures the lights in Chicago, USA.

Vivid lighting, USA

Vivid lighting, USA



Daily Post Challenge: Not Here, not There. On The Way


Here is my entry for this week’s Daily Photo Challenge: On The Way.


The photo, one from my archives, brings back memories of our drive from Livigno, in Italy to St. Moritz,(Davos) Switzerland, a stunning road trip through the scenic Alps. A day to remember, crossing the borders of countries, was so easy.

Iconic Train arriving at station, St. Moritz

Historic Glacier Express on the way to St. Moritz station.

As the little Red train came into sight, we stopped turned into the parking lot and stopped to catch a glimpse of this iconic, historic train. Once a steam-powered locomotive, with engineering feats to tackle severe winter and steep terrain, the Glacier Express is now a modern-day luxury….literally! The train passes through dozens of small villages and resorts and scenic landscapes.

But between stations…its’ neither here (Zermatt) nor there ( St. Moritz)! It’s on the way..

On a deeper note:

A train journey is often used as a metaphor for our life journey. We are all ‘On the Way’ from one station(birthplace) to another station(End). And, on the way, just like the train, we too pass through pleasant, memorable stations as well as chug through the steep and difficult ones. It is ‘what’ and ‘how’ you do on the way…that will ultimately determine your End station. So, don’t lose control of your life train, be in charge!