Dear readers,

‘Every writer needs an audience.’ It is YOU  that have made my blog journey a success.

A very Big Thank you to each one of you – family, friends, fellow bloggers and readers. Some of you are silent readers, some actively leave your valuable comments, yet some others motivate me in person.

Thank You dear readers

Thank You dear readers

Today’s statistics:  10,000 views

Total blog posts: 82 

Viewers: From over 50 countries       

Thank you Word Press team for all the backstage support !                     


Courtesy: Internet

Courtesy: Internet

   The top 5 most popular blogs have been: 

Top Number 1 : If you love flower markets, head to Delhi. Read more here:

Rose bundles for sale

Rose bundles for sale







Top Number 2:  For a little French town experience of  cobbled lanes, bicycles and baskets to stuff assorted  French bread, see here:

French lady arranging bread for display

French lady arranging bread for display








Top Number 3:  In the midst of sandy deserts, how does man survive using the fruit of the hardy Date palm? How many Date varieties do you know?  See here:

The Date Palm Oasis

The Date Palm Oasis







Top Number 4:  Many a travel article has been written about the most popular bazaar in history, the Grand baazar of Turkey. But behind the Blue mosque exists  an equally colourful historic bazaar? ( This article was published in Woman’s Era magazine, October issue) See here:

Stone arched entrance to market for ceramics, shawls

Stone arched entrance to market for ceramics, shawls








Top Number 5:  Ever wondered how the immigrants change the cultural landscape of a country? What hardships do they face? See here:

Haymarket Building, Sydney

Haymarket Building, Sydney







Now here is my personal choice:

Number 1: Mumbai market

As a girl I often accompanied my mother to the market to buy fruit for pickles. Crowded streets, variety of vegetable and fruit produce, seasonal rains, trucks and carts offloading vegetables…and  what if I get lost in the crowd? Or lose my money bag?  Read more here:


Number 2:

Migratory tales ring a special note in my heart. While buying vegetables,  engaging in personal conversation with the vendors to seek out their stories, one needs tact..and empathy.

Pakistani vendor selling spring onions

Pakistani vendor selling spring onions








               Thank you, once again for visiting my blog.




A Big Thank You! Five Most Popular Posts


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  1. Congratulations Veena. What an achievement. Hope the numbers grow to a million. Your articles are interesting n diverse. All the best n keep up the good work

  2. Congrats Veena, Excellent work! I have cooked many times but never knew the name of this recipe. It is ‘kheer’ for me. After coming to Canada and after meeting different immigrants I realized the real meaning of the word ethnic and ethnic food. Actually My kitchen is full of these spices from Jamaica, Colombo, Mexico and so on. I often cook without naming them and now I am learning the names of these recipes from your articles. Thanks to you.

    • Hmmm..I can smell the aroma of your cooking with all ethnic spices. What do you make? Feel free to take photo /email me a written copy of a special dish anytime, it will be a guest post 🙂 Which recipe did you see as ‘kheer’ on the blog ? Thanks for viewing.

  3. Hi Veena,
    Your thank you note to the readers itself is an impressive story with equally impressive pictures. Keep going. We love your blog.

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