Therapeutic Craft : Crochet Blankets



It’s common knowledge that brain games like Suduko, crossword puzzles and the like promote neuro pathways that help improve cognitive therapy. But what about serene, arm-chair craft like needlework, crochet and  knitting as meditative therapy?

Research has proven that they do calm the mind and body, the lulling effect created by repetitive to and fro needle movement and concentration. No wonder doctors (and jail programs) recommend such craft to patients! Colour matching and coordination, hand eye coordination are other benefits. There is also the social part. Group teaching and learning offers a creative and fun environment and opportunities for new friendships. Read here –

My interest in crochet was recently rekindled by a dear friend Lesley. Saying goodbye was not easy, as tears rolled down our cheeks. And more tears (this time of joy) as she put a colourful, hand-made crochet blanket around my shoulders. What a lovely gift! Thank you.

Colourful Granny square blanket

Colourful Granny square blanket

Choosing the right colour combinations as well as a pattern to suit the yarn is as important as the needle work.

This blanket consists of  using Granny square blocks of 5 inch in multiple colours. Granny blocks made in a single colour are great for beginners. This blanket has 7 rows of blocks. After joining them together, the border is made of 4 rows of a cluster treble stitch. One row of single crochet in the base colour provides a neat finish. The square woollen blanket measures 54 inches.

Granny square blanket

Granny square blanket










Now, off you go find some yarn and a needle and practice some granny blocks for yourself. Bella Coco tutorials on You Tube are a good start, or join a crochet class and make new friends.


‘One loss opens doors to another gain.’ Goodbye Lesley. Hello crochet.

Since then I’ve been ‘hooked’ on and busy practising beginner stitches and patterns. I decided to make ‘Elmer the Patchwork Elephant’ themed blanket using the solid granny square blocks. A perfect way for beginners to learn and repeat a new stitch, so meditative. Choosing colour combinations, placing the blocks together to create the right effect, choosing a stitch to join them, and finally learning more techniques for a neat finish are some of the things I learned in the process, as I often sat quietly crocheting in a corner.

To read /listen to Elmer the elephant story see here:

Here is the blanket I have just completed. Do you like the bold colours?

Elmer the Elephant themed crochet blanket

Elmer the Elephant themed crochet blanket

To make a solid granny square see here

These are samples of the solid granny blocks I made. Then I used the chain stitch to join them together.

crochet squares- solid granny pattern

crochet squares- solid granny pattern

For a dainty contrast to the bold colour blocks, I made a shell scallop edge using 5 trebles in the ‘home’ stitch.

Shell scallop edging for crochet blanket

Shell scallop edging for crochet blanket


Here is sampler Granny square block I’m currently working on. Love the Elmer theme, just changed the pattern.

Sampler: Elmer the Elephant themed Granny square block

Sampler: Elmer the Elephant themed Granny square block

What’s my next project ? Wait and see….

Till then, happy hooking 🙂 Hope I’ve inspired you to begin a new craft.

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  1. I loved all the blankets! Especially the scalloped edge! I’ve just written a blog on the health benefits of crochet but hadn’t considered group therapy! X x x

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