Focus 12: Feel, Smell, Eat What’s in Season at the Market.



Farmer’s markets, supermarkets and street markets often say the seasons. Come summer, colourful fruit and flowers deck up stalls. Come winter, crunchy nuts, root vegetables and preserved food find their space. There is always an air of excitement and curiosity that beckons one to buy that ‘first’ stock of season’s produce.

Season’s show Nature’s mood. They add colour and variety to our life. Our food habits, cuisines and traditions often evolve around the season.

“A thriving household depends on the use of seasonal produce and the application of common sense.”
                                           Olivier de Serres (1539-1619)

Europe’s spring and summer markets, set up on sun filled streets are particularly popular. Colours that warm you up -Punnets of red strawberries, golden melons, green guava, leafy vegetables, yellow lemon. Bunches of freesia, lilies, geranium, marigold add that extra hint whether at table décor or strokes of an artist’s brushes.

In India and south-east Asia, mounds of tangy brown tamarind pods, green yellow lemons, sour amla (gooseberries) fill the markets. It’s the season to make pickles and chutneys.

Tamarind Pod. Courtesy: Internet

Tamarind Pod. Courtesy: Internet







Mango mania becomes the talk of town during tropical summers. Markets stock up crates, cardboard boxes, pushcarts, door to door sellers with this ‘king of fruit.’

Seasonal Banganpalli mangoes sold on a pushcart

Seasonal Banganpalli mangoes sold on a pushcart

From the orchard to the market. Every seasonal fruit and vegetable makes its way into regional cuisine. Jam, tomato puree, dried fruit compote, fruit tarts, jackfruit wafers, juices and summer drinks – the kitchen knows best what’s in season.

Did you ever stop to taste a carrot?  Not just eat it, but taste it?  You can’t taste the beauty and energy of the earth in a Twinkie.

Astrid Alauda.

Markets aren’t just about food. They are a wonderful showcase of seasonal culture and clothing too like the Christmas markets. Colourful winter woollens, handmade crochet shawls and quilts, balls of lambs wool, acrylic wool and yarn all find their spot in winter stalls, roadside markets from Tibet to Mexico!

Stall selling winter woollies

Stall selling winter woollens


Stall selling wool items

Stall selling wool items

Christmas markets are very popular. Whether its ginger ale, apple cider, crunchy roasted hazel nuts or hand-made products like soap, wax candles, delicate lace and quilted dolls ….the market show must go on!

At spring time, what do you buy at the market? 

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