Guest Blog 2. Musings on Winter and Nature


My cousin H. lives on the other side of the world, in USA. We in India, love to see photos of snow covered lanes and trees that she sends during winter. That’s when I told her to write up a few lines for us. Thanks dear H. Stay safe and happy in the snowpocalypse as you mentioned.

Falling snow and the white blanket it makes on Earth, look just so magical, mystical and mesmerizing! There IS something that brings on awe about Nature, whether it is the opening of a tightly curled bud, or the first shoot on a bare branch or the snow dropping lightly from the heavens above. (Those living in the colder climates may not find this poetic or inspiring and may tend to look at the snowfall as hampering daily commute or bringing on additional workload to rake it all up to the side. I do remember one such mystical morning when I was living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Sitting indoors at the window, the entire night, I heard plop..plop..fainter plop..yes it was the snowfall. It hid all the green and brown under its fluffy flakes, telling Earth to rest a while, rejuvenate. Nature brings on seasons and reminds us of the variety in life!

Spring, summer, autumn, winter

Who are’t thou? How we await to see you?

You come and go, just like the sun, bringing change into Life on Earth

Life, That has so many wonders that we forget

But whence you visit, you bring joy and awe,

For Who are WE? we forget. And rest in your lap

Spring, summer, autumn, winter…We connect.

Here is what H. writes:

January 10, 2020 – the day that we moved into our new house! After tagging and packing our belongings, we left; We had said goodbye to all of our cherished memories of that house.

The next morning, while we were in the grocery store, the sun had suddenly disappeared. As soon as that happened, snow had started to fall from the sky, covering everything in white. Because of that, we had decided to pay for what we already had in our cart and leave for home as quickly as we could get there. Over the next four days, over a foot of snow had accumulated. We were trapped, and had no way to leave our new home.


At times that we were able to do so however, the nature around us had looked the best it had in a while. It was this beauty that reminded us to enjoy life. The snow wouldn’t be here forever, so we had to relax and enjoy our surroundings. It wasn’t as if we would be stuck in our homes forever, after all.

Not long after, we were stuck in our homes again. After a month or so of being able to leave our home freely, the novel coronavirus pandemic had struck. School, work, entertainment, everything had to be done at home. This caused me great anxiety; Everything felt so radically different. For a while, things seemed bleak and black. But eventually, spring rolled around, and for a while I felt reassured that everything would return to normal.

Our front driveway was turning shades of pink and green. It brought in newness and fresh spirit.

Starting with charismatic and big Magnolias, Tulips, daffodils, and fragrant lilies, they soon bordered our yard giving way to next bloom of fragrant peonies, columbines, jasmines and so many more. The blooming vegetable garden, flowers, blue berries, and wild animals (deer, cayotes, owls, foxes, bobcats) promised us new friendships in the year of lack of human interaction ( COVID 2021). Once again, gorgeous, colourful fall came back filling air with aromatic food – apples, squash and pumpkins. The colours of spring, gave way to summer and bounty. Soon the colours fade away as autumn sets in. And here we are midway in winter, yet again in 2021.

Going back to the cycle of nature again, we lead up to the spring 2021, it’s telling us to have confidence that spring will come again, enjoy the beauty now.

Thank you dear H. for sharing beautiful thoughts on Nature and your feelings during the Covid quiet, locked in home moments. I end on the change of season, leaving you with a photo from my collection, in India. We recently celebrated Vasant Panchami, arrival of spring, that reminds us of new beginnings, fresh, green and re birth of Nature. The festival of colours will soon be here as Nature lays out her colourful blanket of yellow marigolds, pink and white Oleander, white fragrant jasmine, coral coloured Aboli, pink lilies and lots of new green shoots.

In tune with Nature

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Do leave your comments and encourage H. for her post. Thanks.

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    • I am here in India and my cousin sends us those far away gorgeous season photos. Wondering if you wish to write a guest blog for me?

      I’m not a poet, so can’t write for you..but can write about some Indian tradition..for you.. if you wish

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