Guest Blog 6: Therapy in Water Colour Painting


Do you have a hobby? How do you re-juvenate yourself away from the challenges and meanderings of the daily life? Recently, we celebrated World Story Telling Day on 20th March, 2021 and the theme was ‘New Beginnings.’ The pandemic and lockdown has had its postive effects too – people are indulging in new hobbies, re learnings enrolling into new online courses, or taking up cooking with earnest at home, baking bread and cakes. In creative arts be it music, dance, poetry writing or telling stories there has been a surge of interest to use the ‘at home’ time effectively.

New beginnings happen every day, don’t they? It’s how we reflect for a moment and change our course, our thoughts, our actions. I kept aside my crochet yarn and needle and delved into storytelling and writing personal narratives. Telling on zoom sessions was an opportunity to connect with other storytellers.

That’s how I met K, an amazing storyteller, with plenty of fresh ideas and technological expertise.

Here is one of her recent water colour paintings – and her mind raced to Australian bushfires last year, thinking how the animals may have been affected.

Once K began painting with water colours, creatively using her lockdown moments, she showed her work on Facebook. ‘Why don’t you write a guest post for me?’ I pressed, loving the delicate, pastel shades “I often find in THAT stillness and quietude, is the seed for my creativity, that’s how a hobby is a blessing” I told her, citing examples of churning out my blog narratives, when my mind is most calm.

Even if things don’t unfold the way you expected, don’t be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end.”
― Daisaku Ikeda

Thanks K, for accepting to pen a post. You are a storyteller, techno geek, a budding artist and now. . .you are emerging as a butterfly in writing! Readers, do connect with K on her YouTube channel ‘Storytime with Kajal.’

If wishes could grow on trees, I would pluck them and fulfil all my wishes.

As a child or as an adult, I wished I could do this and that. Singing, Crocheting, Gardening has never been my forte, just like art or drawing or painting, yet I am very persistent in trying all of them.

I clearly remember as if it was yesterday, the very 1st month into my first year of college the Zoology sir called me over and asked – “Kajal, are you sure you wish to continue in Microbiology as you would have to draw a lot.” Drawing was one reason I jumped ships from Biology to Mathematics.

Coming to the present, randomly I ended up creating a master piece of my own in painting, but that was rarest of the rare occasions! I always wished I had the flair of a painter, over the years I tried to wake up that painter within me, alas without much success.

They say a chance encounter can change it all, my encounter was a video on YouTube by CEECEECREATIONS. Her easy ways of doing water colouring were inspiring. Water Colouring was something I hadn’t heard much about, aptly so, as its one costly hobby if you wish to go beyond the chalky grade student watercolour.  

My tyrant with watercolour started with her videos, the flow of colour on the wet paper and amalgamation of various colours was so soulful, I was hooked! Lock, stock and barrel. And there has been no looking back, I can finally say – Rise! Painter within me, Rise.

A variety of cards painted in fresh water colours, bringing the gaiety of Nature indoors.

Still in infancy stage of learning the art, I can rightfully say that watercolouring has not only helped me calm down but has constantly worked as a medium of going in to ‘mindfulness.’ It’s like being in meditative or Zen like state whenever I watercolour. Pictures that were inspired from artists who posted in Youtube or Pinterest has helped a novice like me to achieve one of my wishes with multiple benefits. I find it has successfully helped me calm my mind and helped me sort between the ideas that rage through my mind.

So, what have YOU to say about this budding artist? Or do you have a hobby that brings about mindfullness in you, why?

Some of my hobbies include crochet, quilting and gardening. You will find them here and here. With my latest passion of storytelling, even blogging might take a back seat. But see the journey here. It all began few years ago. Do keep me motivated by being my audience.

About Veena S.

'Travel broadens the mind.' It's been a wonderful journey through the past few years, living and travelling to many countries. Certainly there were few eye openers, at other times just a comparison on cultures and food and cuisines. My blog is my learning journey to capture and re live these moments, share photographs and use technology. Come ...see the world with me.

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