About me

My name is Veena and I am a homemaker, retired teacher and a story teller. Fortunately life has taken me to various cities and countries. Since childhood I have a penchant about visiting markets and talking to vendors about their regional clothing or local recipes. The buzz, vibrancy and colour of a market, is the best place to explore cultures, food and the people. Where else can one get a taste of everything?

Come travel with me as I share my myriad experiences with you, a blogging journey that began about 5 years ago, as a technology learning curve. If you have any stories to share email me at seethepalliv@gmail.com. 


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  1. Hi veena

    It was Interesting reading your blog on the phool mandi at ghazipur. I am planning a trip there, encouraged by your account. Does the same mandi also sell fruits.

    Thank you and best regards

    • Thanks for encouraging words. The market, though a big chaos and sprawling across, mostly sells vegetables and flowers at the other end. Fruit stalls are in between…not much of bargain price.

  2. The same with me! I never know how time passes by when I go to rythu bazar to do vegetable shopping..i love selecting the fresh colored colored veggies and fruits! I would love if you can share some tips on how to store vegetable and fruits for longer in your posts..i am very poor in that 🙂

  3. I would really appreciate the opportunity to provide a guest post that would bring value to you and your audience. If you’re interested I’d be happy to provide a few topics I had in mind.


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