About me

My name is Veena and I am a homemaker, teacher and story teller. Fortunately life has taken me to different cities and countries.  I try to visit at least one local market to get a feel of the place and people. To capture with my eyes and store memories of local clothing, food, traditions or Art. 

Markets , I feel are the best place to explore the cultural world around us. Come travel with me. If you have any stories or experiences, do drop your comments and share with us here.


Shopping for fresh vegetables – instant pleasure

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  1. Hi veena

    It was Interesting reading your blog on the phool mandi at ghazipur. I am planning a trip there, encouraged by your account. Does the same mandi also sell fruits.

    Thank you and best regards

    • Thanks for encouraging words. The market, though a big chaos and sprawling across, mostly sells vegetables and flowers at the other end. Fruit stalls are in between…not much of bargain price.

  2. The same with me! I never know how time passes by when I go to rythu bazar to do vegetable shopping..i love selecting the fresh colored colored veggies and fruits! I would love if you can share some tips on how to store vegetable and fruits for longer in your posts..i am very poor in that 🙂

  3. I would really appreciate the opportunity to provide a guest post that would bring value to you and your audience. If you’re interested I’d be happy to provide a few topics I had in mind.


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