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This post is my entry for the Daily Post challenge: Photography 101 : Street.

Thanks to the Daily Post blog – I’m always on the learning curve. The focus is: Street Photography. It’s reminded me to look carefully while taking shots – what is my focus? what is in the foreground or what is the background? Are the colours intimidating or blurring the photo. I don’t use any expensive camera – its’ just my Iphone or Sony. But as a street market enthusiast, and a blogger, I need to stay focussed.

This photo was taken few years ago in Melaka, Malaysia. The subtle colours of the concrete paved street bring out the colourful yellow costume of the peddler. In the foreground stands his regally decorated rickshaw. In the yesteryears, this was a perfect way to navigate the small winding alleys of the historic old town of Melaka. Tourists and passerby fall in the background, the red brick walls and pavement, adding a contrast colour.

What part of the photo catches your eye ? And why ?

Do leave your comments – it’s good to hear another perspective. Keep learning. Keep focussed!

Street Photography: Rickshaw peddler

Street Photography: Rickshaw peddler

A Lesson in Photography.

Earth – Thy Colour is Green


This post is in reply to The Daily Post challenge Local Colour

Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?

Mother Earth abounds in hues of green – imagine soft green paddy fields on the slopes of Ubud in Indonesia, green grass shoots and shrubs in the desert sands, tall green coconut fronds almost aiming to touch the sky and play with passing clouds, contrast of green surfaces on spiky bitter gourd and smooth skin of bottle gourd vegetables, frilly green lettuce or robust green rhubarb on market shelves. Na, na…don’t you mention that green toad sitting on the lily leaf !

If there is one colour – my option is green! Mother Earth I owe it to you.

Green is the prime colour of the world – and from that all loveliness arises’ 

Here is my entry. Which hue of green is your favourite?  What other green objects please you? 

Apple orchards, Valtellina, Italy

Apple orchards, Valtellina, Italy


Shades of green in contrasting surfaces

Shades of green in contrasting surfaces


Date Palm fronds bear green cluster of fruit

Date Palm fronds bear green cluster of fruit

So go make your lifestyle ‘green’. Be part of the environment and give back to Mother Nature.

Exercise in the greens

Exercise in the greens


Dialogue – Extended in Colours and Shapes 

This post is in reply to The Daily Post: Dialogue 

Dialogue is an engaging conversational exchange.

When it comes to photography, dialogue can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two images.

The pink and white colours of fresh flowers took my breadth away at  Ghazipur Phool Mandi, Delhi. Little did I realize there was a Dialogue extended in a fake flower arrangement at home. Thanks to Daily post!


A view of some stunning Arabesque designs at the grand Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Mosque that grace the marbled floor. Henna designs, I experimented with extend the dialogue of similar style. Islamic Art extends into Arabesque designs that use repeated floral and geometrical designs. It is popular not only originally in the Quran, but influencing architecture, Henna Art, motifs on clothing and wedding invitations.

Now won’t you have a frothy coffee with me, at the Emirates Palace restaurant and contemplate on the design ?


Dialogue – Extended in Colours and Shapes


Textures – Taking a Different Perspective at the Fresh Market

Whoever thought a market is just all about buying onions and potatoes? Or sorting out a bunch of crispy lettuce from under the mound of greens? There is more than just the mundane at a fresh market!

There is colour. There is pattern. And,… there is Texture That’s what came to my mind, as I read this week’s The Daily Post Photo Challenge on Texture. I took a different perspective while buying my weekly groceries, ie. exploring texture.

As Natalie (from the Daily Post) says ‘This is a great opportunity to look at the world in a slightly different way — along with looking at things from new angles, zooming very far out or very far in are both great ways to create texture and pattern in photos.’

Here is my entry.

Texture: Coarse vs. Smooth

The ubiquitous tropical fruit, Coconut has a grainy, coarse tough outer shell. It protects the soft, milky white flesh inside.

Just like in the coconut, the hard coarse covering hides the soft inner flesh, so too sometimes people can be very kind and loving deep inside, but may appear hard and rough on exterior. So ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’

Coconut shell




Broken coconut - outer shell and inner flesh

Broken coconut – outer shell and inner flesh










Do you like the texture of a coconut ? What analogies come to your mind? 

Now, let the onion skins speak  a little too.

Texture: Crispy, flaky – Natural vs. Man-made

Yesterday I bought a bag of Onions, little did I know I would use them for a photo challenge.

I liked the crispy plastic netting of the bag. Never to crumple -plastic. But when flaky onion skins scattered all over the kitchen floor, to make a colourful mess 🙂 I remained calm. Just brought out my camera.

Taking a different perspective on Texture. Thanks to the Daily Post Photo Challenge.

Onions scattered on the floor

Onions scattered on the floor


onions skins

Flaky Onion skins

And here is a close up. Don’t you feel like crumbling them with your fingers?









What do my viewers think about my perspective ?

Can you suggest some other fruits and vegetables that have similar textures? 









Textures – Taking a Different Perspective at a Fresh Market


This post is in reply to the challenge: Daily Post Photo challenge 

Living in the UAE has its charm. I love the Date Palms and their hardy trunks. Chopping away older palm fronds of the tree, leaves behind a stubby base, which makes a distinct pattern on the tree trunk. Trace your finger to find a zigzag pattern line, or relax under its shade and see the deft plantation worker zigzag his way to reach the top fronds.

Date Palm trunk

Date Palm trunk

Simple things at home can ‘add’ to simple pleasures in life. My daughter recently bought a pair of new canvas shoes. A proud owner! Most children, when young, struggle to zigzag their shoe laces correctly. It’s a fun learning moment, isn’t it?

Zig zag shoe lace

Zig zag shoe lace

Last, but not the least. Everyone knows about the traffic in Mumbai, India – on the road as well as the airport. On a recent visit, I was faced with a challenge to zig zag my way to the counter, pushing my own trolley between the trolleys and barricade lines near counter. Patience! I told myself. That’s when I looked up at the beautiful design on the ceiling – lights making a zig zag pattern 🙂

Mumbai airport - new terminal

Mumbai airport – new terminal

Surely, there’s more to learning and observing when one takes the other than straight route – go ZIG ZAG!

For more zigging zagging articles on WordPress click here.

Finding Your Way Through a Zig Zag

Colourful silk strands…extra.


Colourful silk strands…extra

Colour is everywhere around us – in nature, in everyday materials. Different colours are associated with different moods – red for love, yellow spells sunshine. Specific occasions demand specific colour dress- black gowns for graduation, green or red on happy occasions, red and pink for traditional Indian wedding, white for shimmering bridal gowns and so on….

On a visit to a saree loom in the small town of Narayanpet, near Hyderabad, I saw colourful, shining strands of dyed silk threads. Upon drying they would be put on a spool and used on the weaving loom. Beautiful sarees in contrast colours are then woven.

Gorgeous blue and yellow strands made an eye-catching moment.

But wait…why was this 



And the weaver had refused to move it aside, when I requested him to. 

Maybe it was shot for this specific post …Extra, extra.






A friend in need, is a friend indeed’ – Light up a smile for your friend.

It’s easy to make /be friends, when your heart and mind are open. A beautiful ‘inner’ you shines. When I see a new person, and feel the first positive vibes interconnecting, I know its time to smile and accept a new friend. My life is a continuous journey taking me to new places, different countries and connecting me to unknown people. But, somehow I land up making friends, and it comes easy to me.

A right friendship cordial will need:

Pleasing, friendly personality

Empathy to other cultures and people

An open mind and clear thinking

Commitment and truthfulness

A time to say yes and time for no – an understanding nature


Strange – how circumstances help making friends. Let me narrate 2 incidents that have fostered a long friendship.

Fifteen years ago, on a visit to Disneyland France, we were standing in a long queue for tickets. Our young daughters happily running around, speaking an Indian language, and we not knowing a single French word. ‘Bonjour’ greeted the man 5 steps behind us and opens up conversation on a hot, sunny, August afternoon. During the 5 hours in Disneyland, he shared his time with us, only because HE could speak few words of English to communicate with us. And we soon became friends! He even dropped us off at the airport, barely 2 days into our new connections! My daughters, now much older, visited Paris and France to meet his nieces and enjoy holidays. Recently, this friend invited us to his simple holiday apartment in Burgundy, cooking French meals for us and taking us around the village grocer’s. Where is India, and where is France ? as they would say…..worlds and cultures apart.

But hearts are bound in friendship, in understanding, in exchanging.

A young German teacher came to Singapore and fell extremely sick. When she went on medical leave, I replaced her at school for 3 months. In that time, we have opened our home doors and heart doors to each other…just friends who can console and depend on each other ! I cooked her meals when she was in bed, and she let me play and cuddle her ‘new’ bundle of joy – an adopted child. She knew I was missing my grand-daughter.

Friendship touches the heart, it’s a two-way commitment. You should also respect your personal space and let ample breathing time in between meets.

‘ A friend in need, is a friend indeed’ is so true. ‘Actions of friends, speak louder than gifts’


The Daily Post. Why Can’t we be Friends ?