Welcome to my blog! Let me take you around the world.

Fresh market category – I have made an attempt to write about my personal experiences. Whether it is to buy seasonal vegetables or interact and listen to stories of local vendors or learn names of exotic fruits, to me, the market is a fun, vibrant, colourful place to learn about food and culture.

World Palate Recipe category – Tried and tested, simple home-style recipes from my kitchen. Travel, cuisine, local shopping – fresh markets bring it all together.

My quilts – Patchwork is all about sewing together bits and pieces of fabric to make one big, colourful quilt. My life is something like that. Because of my travels, my home, kitchen and self are ONE patched up, colourful life. Cultural threads criss-cross my life-quilt, bright colours are memories pieced together, and as I meet different people and experiment with various cuisines, the quilt is still growing.  View my hand-made quilts in this category. They remind me of my friends all over the world.

Now, sit back and enjoy. You are welcome to share your views and stories, so do drop a line.

And I’ve been awarded the Leibster Award recently.

Liebster award photo




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  1. commendable. i wonder why it took you so long to start this and pen down your views and experiences. i am surely going to enjoy reading and seeing all this through your eyes. you have really made the best of the opportunity of your travels. good , keep it up and good luck.

    • Thank you for your kind words. There is a time and moment for everything! When I first started penning thoughts, it was more for myself. Now I am learning to share with others.

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