How does one use their free time meaningfully? In today’s fast pace life, someone may ask WHAT free time or ME time? Well, call it stressed out time then. It’s best to stop a minute and enjoy some creative hobby. Yes, its calming, therapeutic and healthy!

Crochet Quotes Template Vector Images (57)

Whenever I get a moment free, it’s Tea, me and the yarn:) As a young girl, I sat with  Mother, near her sewing machine, stitching bits and pieces to make dolls clothes or learn a new embroidery. Recently, a friend gave me a basket full of colourful yarn. And the crochet journey began. Small pouches, scarfs, beanies, and baby blankets. Check them.

I also love to do patchwork and quilting , so do check out my quilts. Threads of memories sewn together to make baby quilts, table mats, side table covers.

Do you have a hobby? How does it help you or ….bother you?



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