How does one fill up their free time meaningfully?  Develop a hobby. It’s therapy, its enjoyable.

As a young girl, I often assisted Mother at her sewing machine. In the holidays we used up fabric scraps to make collage cards and sew bags, a learning while doing process.

My life today resembles a patchwork quilt. Colourful threads of memories of our travels and new friendships twined together with experiments in the kitchen using local ingredients, all pieced together in MY home.

Category: Crochet and Quilting – is a collection of my hand made quilts and crochet. A hobby that has added new meaning of learning, gifting and making friends, during my quiet times.

Evening star block

Here is my first attempt at crocheting for children.

                                               Elmer themed sampler granny block

If you have a hobby, do leave a comment on how you enjoy it.

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