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Alphabet Block Quilt


                        Alphabet Block Quilt

A thorough peek into my sister’s cupboard revealed the stashed away ABC block quilt I made almost 20 years ago. THAT was for the arrival of my little niece, a new-born baby. To date, the family cherishes this hand sewn quilt, filled with love and warmth.

I dedicate this post to Nandini, my loving and intelligent neice,who turned 21 years of age this January 2015.

Nandini is God’s gift to our family, a Down’s syndrome child. Each Down’s person has some intellectual and developmental problems that range from medium to acute. Nandini is a warm, loving, meticulous and smart child. Like other Down syndrome children, who love dance and song and learn through observation, she too enjoys participating in dancing. To develop fine motor skills she engages in drawing birthday cards, helping fold clothes and cutting vegetables.

Nandini brings positive energy and smiles to all those around her. She loves to enjoy life at its best – eat ice creams, meals in a restaurant or dressing up for functions and weddings, Nandini soaks it all up! Thanks to her family: strength, patience and medical knowledge has brought out the best in her!

Here is how Nandini keeps herself productive and busy.

Often she participates in school programme: dance, drama, speech giving and making Art projects.

Art Project by Nandini

Art Project by Nandini











For more on Down Syndrome:



Here is my quilt story:

About 20 years ago, I made this ABC alphabet block quilt as a special present for my sister’s baby shower. I was not so colour wise- blue for boys and pink for girls. The choice of fabric was determined by availability and time.

ABC Patchwork and Block Quilt

ABC Patchwork and Block Quilt

The quilt has six blocks. Three alphabet blocks of A,B and C with applique work and three blocks with matching motifs. An 8 inch white block was used as the base.

Block B of ABC quilt

Block B of ABC quilt

Bear patchwork on ABC quilt

Bear patchwork on ABC quilt

Printed border of 2 inches was stitched all around white block. Another 2 1/2 inch polka dot border and the lace trimming overlapping was added. Each finished block was about 14 inch wide.

Block C patchwork on ABC quilt

Block C patchwork on ABC quilt

The blocks were stashed together with the printed fabric. The back cloth was kept plain. Single batting was sandwiched between layers, making the quilt suitable for Mumbai weather. Yes, temperatures in winter are never below 25 degrees 🙂

Cat patchwork on ABC quilt

Cat patchwork on ABC quilt


Have you made an Alphabet quilt? Did you use stencils? What motifs did you make ?



Block Quilt :Ohio Star and Nine Patch


 Block Quilt : Ohio Star and Nine Patch

This quilt was made about 10 years ago from scraps and old bed sheets bits of pieces from family members – a recycling project. My mother has since been using it for her holiday home in Pune, India. Since then it’s been treasured and used by all us all visiting her holiday home, a sense of joy to find our little patches as if in a game.

This block quilt has 6 blocks : Two 9 patch squares and two Ohio stars and two evening / Christmas stars.

Basic Nine patch – 4 base colours preferably in similar shades or contrast with similar prints in floral or checks. Arranged here in available fabric choice.

Block quilt - 6 blocks

Block quilt – 6 blocks


Ohio Star -4 corner squares in one bold colour. Centre square in contrast colour. Half triangles in contrast colours make one square. Carefully sew pointed tips to touch each other inwards.

Evening Star – Cut out 8 diamond shaped pieces. Sew together adjacent edges to form star shape. Align the pointed ends carefully. Add 4 corner squares in contrast colour or print.

Evening star block

Evening star block


Ohio star in blue

Ohio star in blue

Sashing and binding: Solid colour or white 6″ border all around each block. This adds width and uniformity to each block. A printed blue /white sashing in 6 ” width finishes off the entire quilt together.

Additional, sashing in indigo blue binds the entire quilt, and gives necessary length and width.


6 block quilt

6  block quilt



Guest Post – Quilting


Quilting: IS a Therapy

Often friends and family ask me ‘why and when’ I quilt. ‘When I am lonely, when I am quiet and when my mind needs creative stimulation’ is what I answer. I strongly understand that the feel of fabric between the fingers, the rhythmic motion of needle work creates peaceful and enchanting therapy.

I have invited my friend Amruta, a young IT professional and beginner quilter to share her thoughts too.

Recently I moved to a new country. As exciting as it was to open the cartons and reassemble my home, I was also lonely. Without my friends and family around me, I found comfort in arranging familiar fabric pieces to make a ‘scrappy quilt’ and a table runner.

  • Quilting gives me ME time and space – I can think quietly, plan and organize thoughts in my head.
  • It is calming and soothing – a great stress buster! In fact, it brings out creativity.
  • Banishes loneliness and boredom – playing with fabric is comforting , in fact, addictive. You can’t put it down!
Colourful scraps turn into   a baby quilt

Colourful scraps turn into a baby quilt

Table runner - 3 blocks in Pinwheel pattern

Table runner – 3 blocks in Pinwheel pattern

And here is Amruta’s gorgeous quilt ! I can’t believe she is a beginner…she is a show stopper!

You can visit her on her website http://www.basicquilting.wordpress.com. She has immersed herself into Quilting – a new hobby she is taking seriously!

Colour ME Red - 6 quilt blocks made by: Amruta

Colour ME Red – 6 quilt blocks made by: Amruta

Blocks 1& 2 :   Monkey Wrench , Dutchman’s Puzzle

Blocks 3&4 : Ohio Star,  Jacob’s Ladder

Blocks 5& 6:  Maltese Cross, Card Trick

Here are Amruta’s words:

” It is always tough for me to express my feeling in words, but for Veena, I would like give an attempt.

Happily married, in a love drenched life there was a feeling of dryness at some corner. It was loads of free time, post marriage that was becoming a burden with a feeling of joblessness, as I proudly decided to be a home maker. It even got heavier as we moved to Singapore.

On a bright evening our paths crossed. Although completely strangers, Veena and I spoke and became friends forever.

Hobbies were NEVER my priority. I don’t know what being a homemaker was, as I was busy working in an IT office. It was that day when Veena showed me her quilt, she was making for her grand-daughter, I decided to take up quilting seriously. Learning sewing was always on the back of my mind since childhood. Holding tread and needle again was like re-discovering myself ! 

As a first step I got myself enrolled in a basic patchwork class and ‘proudly’ completed my first quilt. Bright Red colours attracted my attention, and the teacher balanced it with black and white – ALL BOLD colours! I felt bold and happy once again.

Quilting soothed my strong frustrated emotions, giving way to peace and new beginning. It filled up not only corners of my home, but the long boring hours of boredom. It was like having a friend close by’.

Veena always said to me” One should always have a lifelong hobby”, Now I have one.”

Do you have any quilts /patterns to share ? What are your feelings about hobbies ? What makes you feel calm and relaxed ?  Do post your comments and feelings. 

Quilt in Autumn Colours


Maple Leaf Quilt

Few years ago I wanted to quilt something unique. That’s when I came across the Maple leaf design. This large double bed size quilt is completely hand-stitched.  I know piecing the blocks, using a machine would have made it much easier and neater. However, the warm colours and the thought of a new design, kept me going.

The Maple leaf is the official symbol on the national flag of Canada. Eastern Canada is home to the sugar Maple tree. In autumn, the tree sheds its large 4- 5 point leaves, that create the most colourful, textured carpet on Mother Earth. Warm browns, rust, deep yellow, orange, fiery reds are the colours in autumn. However, for me in Singapore, its purely magical understand how seasons bring on changes in the colours of Nature.

Maple leaf king -size quilt

Maple leaf king size quilt

The block detail

The block detail

As you can see, the soft coloured leaf are at the centre, slowly bursting out in deeper colours in circular way. I wanted to create the effect of twirling leaves, undergoing gradual colour change.

Here are the details :

Total Yellow patterned blocks = 27

Light colour leaf blocks (Centre) = 4

Red colour leaf blocks ( inner ring) = 10

Deep maroon leaf blocks (outer ring) = 14

Border width = 2 inches by 10 cm. Pieces of all colours ( and more if you wish)

Finished square block = 12 inches.   9  patch square for the leaf design. Each finished small square = 4 1/2 inches.

Other maple leaf quilt patterns and block sizes are found here :



Maple leaf -Block pattern

Maple leaf -Block pattern

Uni directional maple leaf quilt

Uni directional maple leaf quilt

I leave you with few pictures shared by my friends, during their stay in USA and Canada.

My friend Medha, from India, is visiting her daughter in USA.  She loves to draw and paint. What better time and place could she possibly be in but USA ? She is having a wonderful time watching the colours of the season and collecting colourful Autumn leaves. Look how creatively she has displayed her fall collection ! Medha,I am sure you are going to paint a stunning picture on your return. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us.

Medha's collection of Maple leaves.

Medha’s collection of Maple leaves.

Medha's collection of Maple leaves -2

Medha’s collection of Maple leaves -2













Janet and her baby have been busy watching the Autumn leaves change colour. Here are some photos she shares.

Fiery Orange Autumn leaves

Fiery Orange Autumn leaves