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Yes, another crochet project done! This time it’s a small New Year gift for my grandchildren (boy’s) in teal blue. Paired with soft cream using the basic treble stitch, it worked quick and dense.

‘When you give a gift made with love,

                             it turns into something priceless.’

Crochet scarf - border and tassels

Crochet scarf – border and tassels


Yarn:Teal blue (1 ball 200m) paired with camel brown and soft cream.

Brand : Nako Superlambs.

Needle size:  5 mm.

Scarf length: 52 inches and width: 8 1/2 inches.

Bundles of yarn await dextrous hands.

Bundles of yarn await dextrous hands.

Pattern: Chain 22 for the base. Row 1 and up, treble stitch for desired height. Chain 1 to turn at each end of row. For second colour, add 2 rows in brown (treble cluster + 1 treble). Add 1-2 rows of teal for contrast. Next work 2 rows in additional colour (treble cluster+ I treble) done here in soft cream. Continue treble stitch in teal blue, for desired length.

Central Part: For the part that will go around the neck, I wanted to add broader bands for more colour and experimenting. Broad bands in both colours are made with (3 rows of cluster stitch/ alternate with teal blue/3 rows of cluster in another colour).

Then, continue to add length to equal the other end, repeat small band pattern of cluster stitches. Finish off, once desired length reached. Tidy up loose ends.

Tassels: They add length, variety of colour and give a softer look. Here is your chance to get creative. Make tassels in solid one colour, mix and add or alternate solid colours ( teal- brown-cream). I’ve made tassels 7  inch long. Remember to cut double + little more length (=15 inches) as after tying, they will become only half the length.

Ta…da…the scarf is ready.

Winter is here, and so is grandmother’s (Nani’s gift)!

Boy's crochet scarf in Teal Blue

Boy’s crochet scarf in Teal Blue

Till then……I hope I’ve inspired you to reach out for some yarn.

How are you keeping those fingers busy this winter?


Crochet A Boy’s Scarf