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World Palate Recipes: Egg-xtra Special Mother’s Day Breakfast


      Why not treat Mother an egg-xtra nutritious breakfast? Whether on Mother’s day or a Sunday, or on holiday when mother is visiting. I was treated to one such yummy breakfast, specially made with love and attention to details and brimming with nutrition.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, and should ideally be packed with goodness to survive and combat the day’s nutritional needs. So don’t skip this important meal, rather make your choices with awareness.

Eggs are easy to cook, versatile, and very nutritious, they make a healthy option (for those who eat them). Packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals, both egg white and the yellow yolk can be consumed, though the yolk has cholesterol. There are many varieties of eggs, the most popular one is the chicken egg, other gourmet eggs being that of quail, goose and duck.

            Top tip… A fresh egg will sink in water, a stale one will float.

A healthy breakfast plate

A healthy breakfast plate


2 large or medium eggs

salt and pepper to taste

5 spoons of milk ( high fat tastes better!)

2 tbsp. water

1-2 tbsp. olive oil / other oil of choice

heavy bottom pan, egg whisk and bowl.

Garnish /Side

Half soft ripe avocado

5-6 sprigs of asparagus

herbs of choice

4-5 mushrooms

wheat crackers (optional)

Dollop of Hummus (optional)

Frozen Berries or summer fruit

1 cup low-fat yoghurt


In a bowl, crack the eggs ( leave out yolk if any cholesterol issues), discard the skin. Add few drops of water and milk, salt and pepper and whisk gently, taking care to incorporate air. Do not over whisk, or peak the egg whites stiff.

Heat up a heavy bottom pan or skillet. Add some olive oil or butter or other oil. Do not over heat pan. Gently add the egg mixture and keep stirring, folding in the eggs as they begin to cook. Reduce flame as desired. Keep folding in the mixture till nearly done, switch off flame. The heat in the pan will cook the eggs further, but keep them fluffy and soft. Toss gently on to prepared plate.

In another heated pan, add olive oil. Break and discard the hard bits of asparagus. They are NOT fun to chew upon while enjoying breakfast. Toss the asparagus into the heated pan, drizzle with more oil, add herbs, salt and pepper. Cook till just bit tender and chewy. Do not over cook. Set aside. Now sauté the sliced mushroom in a similar way.

Garnish the plate with slices of avocado, dollop of hummus ( or thick yoghurt), scrambled eggs and dress them up with cooked green asparagus shoots. Serve with toast or wheat crackers.

To a bowl of yoghurt, add some frozen berries or fresh-cut summer fruit. The colours will highlight the serving and bring extra smiles of contentment to Mother. ‘Ah…what a satisfying meal and start to the day’.

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World Palate Recipes: Semolina Uppuma (Upma)


Here is a popular South Indian breakfast recipe.  Not only is Uppuma or Uppitu, (names in Tamil and Kannada) very common in South Indian homes, but every household will have its own version, a little touch of this and that, which makes subtle changes in the basic recipe. Upma is a simple, nutritious breakfast item, served during the weekdays, as a tiffin item. When part of wedding breakfast menus, alongside popular Idli and Vadai, additional tempering and garnishing with roasted cashew nuts and colourful vegetables, changes it from the simple to the exotic!

Semolina Uppuma

Semolina Uppuma

Basic recipe uses coarse Semolina. But for variations, you may use Vermicelli, burghul or even fine broken rice, as popular in Tamil Nadu, southern India.

The story behind this recipe is: My visiting friend from Chennai (Madras) cooked this traditional South Indian breakfast for us. Isn’t it a wonderful time when friends get together, enjoy a laugh and share recipes? Thanks, Priya. The ingredient of love and goodness, turned the simple dish into a healthy meal with wholesome company.


1 medium onion

1 carrot or 3 beans or shelled peas (optional)

2 cups coarse semolina

1 inch finely chopped ginger

fistful roasted peanuts ( or cashew nuts)

Salt, green or red chilli and water – as required

3-5 tsps of ghee or clarified butter (optional)

For Tempering:

1 tsp. mustard

3 tsp. cooking oil

2 sprigs of fresh curry leaves

Semolina Upma Ingredients

Semolina Upma Ingredients

Upma preparation- Temperiing

Upma preparation- Temperiing


First lightly roast the semolina in a large pan or wok (kadhai), till lightly browned. Do not over brown it, as it will alter taste!. Keep aside in a plate to cool.

Prepare the tempering – Heat oil lightly in a thick, large wok. Add mustard seeds to crackle. Toss in peanuts, curry leaf, chilli, chopped onion, grated ginger, optional vegetables. Lightly fry these in oil. Add 2 cups water, little salt and let this mixture boil.Cover and let the vegetables cook lightly (not overcook!).

Remove lid, lower gas flame. Slowly pour the roasted semolina to the boiling water mixture, taking care not to pour all at once – else it will form into a lump. Stir the water /semolina mixture constantly. Adjust salt and water. Cover with lid and cook for 5 mins.

Stir gently once again, remove any lumps, add a generous dash of ghee, for that heavenly taste and aroma. Adjust water to cook semolina evenly, as it fluff in size.

Serve onto plate, garnish with roasted peanuts /cashew nuts /curry leaf. Or prepare mould and fill with Upma. Then invert onto plate and garnish.

Tomato chutney or coconut chutney makes a perfect combination with this. Enjoy!

         ‘Every recipe has a story behind it’

What is your favourite recipe? What is the story behind it?

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