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Landscapes – Natural and Man made


In my entry for Daily Post Photo Challenge :Landscape, I bring out two  perspectives, natural and man made.

The dictionary meaning of landscape is:

  1. The detailed view of geographical terrain like rivers and mountains.
  2. A branch of Art dealing with representation of natural scenery like trees, grass, river streams etc. (landscaping)

The word itself originated from Dutch or German ‘landskap‘ (wherein terrain or region is land and its state is skap).

Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery.’        

John Ruskin

Mussandan, lies at the northern most tip of Sultanate of Oman. It’s geography is stunning! The rugged Hijjar mountains rise up almost 2,000 ft. from the sea level. A small strip of coastline separates them from the emerald blue waters of Straits of Hormuz (Persian Gulf). Many an archaeological site is hidden in this barren landscape.

Dolphin watching at Mussandan, Oman

Dolphin watching at Mussandan, Oman

In contrast, the man made landscaping in the Gulf region is very specialized and time consuming. The extremes of the climate immensely affect the performance of the plants, often which wither away. Gardens and plants also need a high level of maintenance and the soil irrigation. Transforming the beauty of vast expanses of sandy terrain in to a lush green landscape dotted with Date palms comes at a steep price and effort!

Landscaping of a residential compound

Landscaping of a residential compound


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