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World Palate Recipes: Beetroot, Red Grape and Onion Raita

World Palate Recipes: Beetroot, Red Grape and Onion Raita

           Beetroot, Red Grape and Onion Raita


Beetroot specials are strictly for the roots lovers! Well, say it’s an acquired taste. I can already hear some family members groan and ask ‘Eee…w, Why beetroot?’ But for me, I love the intense colour. The mild, sweet taste and health benefits are extras.

Beetroot has many minerals like potassium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins A, B6, folic acid and carbohydrates. Works well to cut blood pressure, increase stamina and iron (haeme) in the body therefore relieving any pain.


Beetroot and Onion Raita

Beetroot and Onion Raita


3 medium size beetroot

1 small onion

Few Red Grapes for garnish

2 sprigs of Coriander or Mint

200 gm Yoghurt (as desired)

Rock salt, Salt, chilli powder as per taste

1 spoon olive oil


Boil the beets in just enough water, so as not to waste any nutrients while discarding left over water. Cool and peel. Chop finely or grate it if you wish finer consistency. Chop the mint /coriander. Finely chop onion, after removing top and bottom ends and peeling off skin.

In a medium bowl, tip the yoghurt and stir. Add in olive oil, salt, chilli powder, rock salt ( all as desired). Whisk well lightly.

Put the beetroot and onions. Stir them in well. Add a few chopped Red grapes, reserving few for garnish.

To garnish: Place 2-3 full Red grapes, a sprig of coriander or mint, and some onion rings. Drizzle with little olive oil…its healthy! Serve as accompaniment with brown rice or Naan. Or use as a dip.

Stunning colour and crunch of textures makes it a favourite at anytime.

Beetroot raita and rice plate


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