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World Palate Recipes: Andhra Style Lentil with Yellow Cucumber (Dosakaya Pappu)

World Palate Recipes: Andhra Style Lentil with Yellow Cucumber (Dosakaya Pappu)


Lentils and vegetables make a large portion of a daily nutritious meal for vegetarians. Lentils contain protein and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, essential for a healthy body.

Telengana and Andhra food is a blend of South Indian, Mughlai/Muslim, and Deccan cuisines. In coastal Andhra rice and fish are staple ingredients, food is laced with plenty of sesame and coconut and chillies. In central or Deccan cuisine rice and millets are accompanied with meat, eggs, chicken and lentils. Locally grown vegetables like gourds, cucumbers and green leafy amaranth are popular. Liberal use of red chillies, garlic and podi’s or assorted masala powders and tangy tamarind make way into chutneys and spiced lentils or dals.

Have you  ever enjoyed an Andhra Thali meal? Be ready to fill up the plate with mounds of rice accompanied with at least 6-8 side dishes served in katori/cups and generous ladles full of  tangy, lentil based curries- pulusu, sambhar and charu /rasam to go with the rice. For the faint hearted- please down this with plenty of yoghurt or buttermilk.

Andhra Thali meal Courtesy: www.cravebites.com

Andhra Thali meal
Courtesy: http://www.cravebites.com









Our kitchen garden is blooming once again with the Cucurbitacae /Dosakaya or yellow cucumber creeper. Small yellow flowers brighten up the coarse green leaves and tendrils searching for support. We now have 4-5 round raw green dosakaya hanging down the creeper. They will mature into yellowish gold. The skin is thin and inedible. Small, numerous seeds ( at times bitter!) fill the centre. Dosakaya being extremely versatile to cook and have a mild taste makes them popular and easy to cook.

Today I share with you a simple, Andhra lentil curry..or Dosakaya Pappu.  You can replace Dosakaya with either tomatoes or squash to make another lentil curry.


1 cup Tuvar dal /Arhar dal

I medium size Dosakaya or yellow cucumber


For Tempering /Tadka:

2 tablespoons cooking oil

1 tablespoon mustard seeds

pinch of Asaefotida or hing (optional)

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

few curry leaves

1-4 red chillies as desired

salt to taste

a pinch of tamarind (optional /adds a tangy flavour)

2-3 pods of peeled garlic (optional)


Wash and soak the lentil in 1-2 cups water for 10 minutes. Till then prepare the Dosakaya. Peel the skin, de seed and chop into medium pieces. Check! if the cucumber or seeds are bitter..if, they are you have to discard it!

Chopped and peeled Yellow Cucumber ( Dosakaya)

Chopped and peeled Yellow Cucumber ( Dosakaya)











Now in a pressure pan ( I prefer cooking lentils easily this way), add the soaked lentils and chopped Dosakaya. Add another one cup water. Close lid and cook for one whistle. Do NOT over cook, it will make the Dosakaya mushy.

Once cooked, set aside.

Cooked Lentil and cucumber

Cooked Lentil and cucumber

Prepare the tempering or tadka by heating a pan. This is an essential and aromatic part of Indian cooking. So enjoy it!

Add oil, when warm, carefully add mustard seeds to splutter. Add turmeric, curry leaves, hing, red chillies, garlic cloves. Add the lentil mixture to this carefully, as it will bubble while hot. Add salt and juice of little tamarind as desired. Mix gently.

Oil and spices Tempering or Tadka

Oil and spices Tempering or Tadka

For a traditional serving:

Serve heaped ladles of this pappu or lentil on top of steaming hot mound of rice. Garnish with extra chillies and add a dollop of fresh butter or ghee. Mix and slurp away:). Top it up with some fried papads or stuffed dry chillies.

Blessed to eat fresh vegetables grown with much care and love. Ain’t it a spiritual food journey -from the garden to the kitchen…then to the table?

Andhra Sytle Thali meal

Andhra Sytle Thali meal

What’s growing in your garden? Or do you have pots on your balcony? Will you try this recipe ? 

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World Palate Recipes: Maharashtrian Kairichi Dal (Raw Mango with Lentil)


Kairichi Dal /Aambyachi Dal

Here is another Maharashtrian recipe. For Maharashtrian rice recipe, see here.

Summer is almost here! In India, that translates as mango (raw and ripe) melons and ice cream season. Raw mango or kairi, is found in abundance in markets.

Summer brings back childhood memories of school holidays – of naughty times, spent stealing kairi and tamarind fruit that hung high on branches. Of aiming stones to hit them down, of hiding on roof terrace and slicing raw kairi. Of dipping them into salt and chilli powder to make an instant tangy salad. Summer also reminds me of kulfi or condensed milk ice cream, sold in small pots wrapped in cloth and kept cool in ice containers. Lastly, it reminds me of my mother’s kitchen – home-made pickles of kairi, lemon and tamarind. Yummm….delicious summer treats!

Mango tree and fruit. Photo courtesy: Tropical plant-flowers-decor

Mango tree and fruit.
Photo courtesy: Tropical plant-flowers-decor









Now here’s my summer treat for you. A simple, nutritious and quick recipe from coastal Maharashtra region. Enjoy!

This is typically made during the Chaitra month, Indian calendar falling in April /May. The dish is popular during Haldi- Kumkum or ladies function. Married women get together for a symbolic celebration. The hostess prepares many summer delicacies and gifts traditional items such as bangles, toe rings, kumkum or Bindi for forehead, a decorative blouse piece and betel leaf /paan and supari or areca nut. Kairichi dal is inevitably on the menu, tangy and spicy!

Kairichi Daal ( Raw Mango with Lentil)

Kairichi Daal ( Raw Mango with Lentil)


1 cup raw Chana dal /Bengal gram

1/2 cup grated raw mango ( desired to suit taste)

2-3 red /green chillies

salt to taste

Coriander, curry leaves for garnish


2 tbsp. cooking oil

1 tbsp. mustard

1 tbsp cumin seeds

pinch of asafoetida(optional)

1 tbsp. turmeric powder


Soak the Chana dal in 2-3 cups of water for 3- 4 hours. It should be well soaked, as raw dal is difficult to digest! Once soaked well, drain all the water. Coarsely grind it, leaving some crunchy bits of dal and taking care not to make a paste.

Keep aside. Mix the grated raw mango as much as desired to suit your taste. Add salt, little chopped coriander and few green chilli pieces. Set to rest.

Prepare tempering by heating oil, adding seeds to splutter, add turmeric and red chillies. Cool this for few minutes.

Add to dal and kairi mixture and gently mix it all. Adjust the taste.

Garnish with left over green coriander and curry leaves and spluttered red chilli. It’s tangy, tempting and nutritious!!

Kairichi dal /Raw mango and lentil

Kairichi dal /Raw mango and lentil










Do leave your comments on the result. Was it tasty? Tempting? What else can you make with raw mango?