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Block Quilt :Ohio Star and Nine Patch


 Block Quilt : Ohio Star and Nine Patch

This quilt was made about 10 years ago from scraps and old bed sheets bits of pieces from family members – a recycling project. My mother has since been using it for her holiday home in Pune, India. Since then it’s been treasured and used by all us all visiting her holiday home, a sense of joy to find our little patches as if in a game.

This block quilt has 6 blocks : Two 9 patch squares and two Ohio stars and two evening / Christmas stars.

Basic Nine patch – 4 base colours preferably in similar shades or contrast with similar prints in floral or checks. Arranged here in available fabric choice.

Block quilt - 6 blocks

Block quilt – 6 blocks


Ohio Star -4 corner squares in one bold colour. Centre square in contrast colour. Half triangles in contrast colours make one square. Carefully sew pointed tips to touch each other inwards.

Evening Star – Cut out 8 diamond shaped pieces. Sew together adjacent edges to form star shape. Align the pointed ends carefully. Add 4 corner squares in contrast colour or print.

Evening star block

Evening star block


Ohio star in blue

Ohio star in blue

Sashing and binding: Solid colour or white 6″ border all around each block. This adds width and uniformity to each block. A printed blue /white sashing in 6 ” width finishes off the entire quilt together.

Additional, sashing in indigo blue binds the entire quilt, and gives necessary length and width.


6 block quilt

6  block quilt