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My work of Art and ….Heart

Quilting is my companion, it relieves stress, brings beautiful and  fond memories, and stirs the mind to create something different.

That is what I wanted to do – make a unique quilt for my grand-daughter ! So everyday, after finishing housework, I sat quietly on the apartment balcony, sipping some warm tea, singing and chanting hymns as I quilted. I wanted my grand-daughter to have something to cherish, to learn, to share with her friends as she grows, and then begin to value the patience and labour gone into quilting.  Patience…..almost a lost word for the  young generation, isnt’ it ?

I planned the baby quilt with Alphabets and corresponding motifs – A for apple, B  for bear, C for Cat ,  D for Duck  – I used  left over fabric pieces and hand stitched.

Baby quilt  with Alphabet and motifs

alphabet quilt

Then, my daughter suggested – ‘Mummy, Why don’t you add something like Eric Carle’s theme ?’ So we planned to add numbers 1-10 and shapes. These were all made with baby’s out-growns dresses. The white all-round border is wider than the blue one. Final trimming is done with left over fabric and dress materials. Quilting was set 1 inch apart, starting from the centre of the quilt, then moving outwards into the four quadrants.

And here is  the final version – complete with Alphabet , numbers and shapes.  I hope you like my innovative baby quilt.

1st year birthday gift for baby.

1st year birthday gift for baby.

Birthday Baby Quilt