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Daily Post Challenge Close Up: Parsi Saree Borders


This week Brie Anne Demkiw, from the Daily Post posted a challenge to  get up close to some object, look at its intricate details, and take a lesson in Macro photography – seeing the world in new light.

Here is my entry for the Daily Post challenge. For other stunning entries click https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/close-up/.

Over a cup of tea at my friend Firoza’s house, we talked about her community and the elegant Parsi saree borders or Kor. The detailed embroidered borders are heirloom, mostly belonging to her mother. Such intricate work – the texture of embroidered Kor, the fineness of Art, colour choices of embroidery thread and the elements of floral design.

Hours of patience, labour and creative talent! Priceless!

This unique artistic tradition of Kor has its roots in Iran (Persia), the homeland of Parsi community. With time, it drew influences from European, Chinese, Persian and Indian cultures, thus adding to its value and artistic part. Indeed, the sarees are worth a treasure and take almost 9 months for completion, the embroidery work being crafted on all the four sides of the saree making it one of the most tedious and intricate tasks.

Here is Firoza’s saree.

Parsi Saree with Kor

Parsi Saree with Kor










And here is a take on Macro photography that bring out the detail of design and stitch.

Embroidery detail on Parsi saree 'Kor'

Embroidery detail on Parsi saree ‘Kor’











Here is another beautiful saree.

Parsi Saree with Kor/ border

Parsi Saree with Kor/ border

Once again, a close up brings out the delicate features.

Detail of embroidery

Detail of embroidery

Which close up did you like ? What did your discerning eye observe?