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Guest Post: Wandering Around in Ho Chi Minh City and Market


As a guest post, here is a delightful fruit tasting experience narrated by  my warm and vivacious friend, Kiran Shah. Kiran recently returned from a story telling conference in Vietnam and agreed to write-up a guest post for me. Thanks Kiran.

Our friendship blossomed in Singapore, she a story-teller, me a teacher.  Kiran has conducted story telling workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam and in Australia, her new home. Contact her at kiranstoryteller@gmail.com.

  Wandering around in Ho Chi Minh City, February 2016

The Vietnamese work day starts early at 7.30am. I was staying at a guest house opposite a university, tucked away from the tourist belt. At 7am, I walked around in search of breakfast and to explore the area. The traffic was heavy, with scooters and motorbikes leading the way. Other vehicles trailed behind, all moving perilously though somewhat harmoniously. I was impressed by the 2 sets of traffic lights to suit both road users.

Speed on scooter while going to work

Speeding on scooter while going to work

 People were dashing as I strolled leisurely along the main road at first. They were much too busy to smile, except for the delightful bicycle repairer who was happy to pose for me. Look at his travelling box trolley.

Vietnam bicycle repairer

Vietnam bicycle repairer

Food was everywhere- in the market and the street. Whether it was fish openly cooking in pots in some rich curry, or baguettes (a legacy from the French), or soupy noodles with fresh herbs and meat. As people pulled over to frequent the carts or other eateries dotting the pavement for a quick bite or a takeaway, I ventured into a little lane as the vegetable and fruit sellers beckoned. Never have I seen such tiny garlic nor so many varieties of fresh fish.

Fresh seafood on sale in Vietnam market

Fresh seafood on sale in Vietnam market


But what attracted me was a fruit I had never seen before! Of course I had to buy one with the help of a customer who spoke English! She called it Vu Sua (meaning milky breast), botanical name Chrysophyllum Cainito and also called milk fruit or star apple.

An apple with a reddish tinge? Or was it a soursop? This star apple or Vu Sua was juicier and sweeter!

Guava and star apple fruit

Guava and star apple fruit

All I can say was I wished I’d bought more. Absolutely divine!

Cut star apple ( Vu Sa)

Cut star apple ( Vu Sua)

Watch this video to find out how it looks like:

Hope this inspires my readers to sample exotic fruit and share some interesting anecdotes. Till then, relax.

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