English: Fresh herbs, fresh spices and vegetab...

Fresh herbs, fresh spices and vegetables sold at a stall in Thanin Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Travel creates  a wonderful opportunity to taste local food.Food is all about history, geography, culture and traditions of the place.

Local markets are the best place to find out the right ingredients and flavours that make the food ‘special.’

TV shows and cook books bring out many recipes by the dozen today. But to get to the heart of cooking and its authenticity – its best to have quick chats with local vendors and people in the market itself. ‘Good food, brings good company..and uplifts the soul’

Happy cooking. I take lots of time, patience and passion to create this site. All my recipes are tried in my own home. Please give due credit and respect if you use them and drop a comment on my site, or pingback. 

                                       Photos : World Palate Series 


Cucumber Koshimbeer

Cucumber Koshimbeer


Colocassia leaf curry (Alu Patal Bhaji)
























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